Registering a new user 1KA

New users can register using the link below, which redirects you to the self-service portal of IT department. Read and accept application's terms of use before registration.

Terms of use


Carefully read the general terms and conditions of usage of application eAnkete (following “application”) that is available to employees of companies Gorenje Group (following “user”) by company Gorenje, d.o.o., Partizanska cesta 12, 3320 Velenje (following “contractor”) before confirming and using the said application.

Usage of application considers as consent of user of appliance for conducting surveys and obtaining information from respondents. User, or survey’s author is the owner of the survey, who is responsible for all data, created and collected with usage of application within the scope of conducting every survey. By continual usage of the application, contractor considers that user agrees with general terms of usage.

The contractor reserves the right to change the general terms and conditions at any time and without prior notice by publishing new general terms and conditions on the website where the service is hosted.

The general terms and conditions of usage are valid for whole application and all components (sub-pages, forms, sections), unless otherwise specified for each part.


Online surveys published and implemented through the application are defined and established to provide feedback to the user regarding the subject of the survey, thus obtaining useful and usable contents for continuation and implementation of work and development of services and products.

The web application can only be used in accordance with intended above defined purpose and therefore the use of the application for any other purpose (commercial, private, etc.) is not permitted.


The application enables the creation and editing of online survey, inviting participants (respondents), publishing surveys, collecting transmitted responses and basic analysis of the acquired data.

Use of application is free of charge. Access to the application is granted to the user based on his/her request and the approval of his/her manager through the self-service portal of Informatics and Telecommunications (ess).


AS user of application eAnkete you contract yourself not to use the application for illegal activities or contrary to this general terms and conditions. Web application is not allowed to be used in a way that could hurt, disable, overburden, or otherwise harm the information system used by application, nor is allowed preventing or obstructing usage of application to other users and obtain unauthorized access to any application’s services.


Contents used in the application may be copyrighted contend and may be used in accordance with sectoral legislation (Copyright and Related Rights Act).

Unless otherwise stated by content, content may be freely reproduced and distributed in electronic form or made available to public, exclusively for non-commercial purposes, under condition that contents are not changed or processed and with clearly stated source.

For potential infringements cause by users of application, contractor assumes no liability or legal commitment.


The user can set cookies (they can be disabled or restricted), but they are not used by default in online survey and they are not stored on respondents’ computers. User should use them only when considered that this is necessary, or their disabled status could have a significant impact on the quality of the collected data.

Respondents have ability to manage cookies where they can enable or disable web-based storage functionality. Respondent can remove the cookies via a browser or direct access to cookie storage.


In order to collect any personal data in the surveys, the user must obtain the appropriate consent of the respondent. The respondent must explicitly agree to collect personal data, otherwise he cannot fill in the questionary.

When user has a survey in which personal data is collected (name, surname, e-mail, telephone, location data – residence), user must correctly mark that it’s GDPR abiding survey where the application use prepared consent for respondents. If respondents give their consent for collecting personal data, respondents can fill in the survey. If respondents don’t give their consent, the survey is closed to them (there is a notification that fulfilling of survey is not possible to them due to disagreement with the collection of personal data).

If user performs a survey for invited respondents, user must provide an appropriate legal basis (consent, contractual relationship, legal obligation) in order to appeal the respondents using invitation.

User is responsible for the fulfilment of all requests made by surveys’ respondents (request for deleting data, access, change of personal or survey data). The respondent submits the aforementioned forms to


All data related to the performance of the individual survey is removed from the system after the completion of activity. After completion of activity, user retains only set of questions and a statistical analysis of responses, while the specific data related to the process of conducting surveys is removed from the system. Personal data must be removed accordingly.


If you notice an error, inaccuracy, defacement of the application, please contact us at